Revisiting Good Leadership

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Jim Collins in the classic business book Good to Great talks about level 5 leadership.  Years after reading the book and seeing Jim speak to a CEO group, I still recall key leadership tenets.

Level 5 leadership is the highest leadership level where an executive displays:

  1. Personal humility and maturity
  2. Ferocious resolve and determination to make a company great

While that might sound counter-intuitive it really has some important foundations.

In developing leaders, one of the first goals is to develop humility, maturity and dispense with inflated egos.  If leaders achieve the humility and maturity they can put their energy and focus on making the company great.  At that point, an executive can choose a very determined focus on making the company great and engrain that into the culture.

Leaders may want to read Good to Great, or read the following Harvard Business Review summary.

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