Next Stage Consulting helps organizations achieve breakthrough performance. We help our clients solve sales, leadership, strategic execution, and transaction challenges to deliver unprecedented results.

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Sales Improvement and Growth

Good sales results power the growth of a company. Unfortunately, the reverse is also true. Is your sales organization creating predictable and fast growth? We help you develop high-performance sales groups that drive your company’s growth.

Our approach is to develop a good understanding of your market and your current marketing and sales activities.  We then identify the highest value sales and marketing improvements and prepare you to implement them successfully. We work closely with you to implement these changes, train your people, and grow sales.  

We have built and advised many top 50 and top 100 growth companies.

Leadership Development

Companies can’t grow faster than their leaders.
We reliably improve the leadership of individual executives and executive groups. As a result, we become a trusted partner in the C Suite that can be called on to support critical decisions, transitions, and strategic initiatives and growth of the executive team.

We carefully observe your leaders to understand strengths and development opportunities. Working closely with you, we identify short-term leadership opportunities where you can make leadership breakthroughs and improve business outcomes. We also work on longer term executive skill development so that you can effectively lead your growing company. 

Ultimately, our work helps leaders to improve their competencies, performance, and how they feel about themselves.

Strategy, Execution, and OKRs

Strategy and execution are core areas for creating value. Yet some companies need help to implement a strategic plan and achieve solid execution. The first challenge involves developing a strategy that makes sense for your business. However, the biggest challenge is that most companies fail to reach their strategic goals due to a gap between strategy and execution. Our approach is to develop your strategy and execution capabilities in tandem, leading to coordinated progress.

That’s where Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) come in.  OKRs are a strategic execution methodology used by the most successful companies in the world, big and small. OKRs create regular quarterly strategic thinking, clear strategic choice, and a focus on measurable results. Once you use OKRs, you will more clearly see how your organization executes.

We assist you in improving strategic execution through the effective use of the OKR methodology. 

Successful Transactions

Ultimately growth and success should attract acquirers and prepare you for a successful exit. However, your exit goals need to be clear, as well as the plan to build a very coveted and saleable company.
Our exit experience allows companies to prepare for exit, attract acquirers, and exit successfully and confidently relying on a well managed exit process.

In the process of building your company you may wish to finance your company or acquire other companies. Our financing transaction experience includes angel, venture capital, private equity, and public company investments. Our growth experience includes many mergers and acquisitions.

We help you to strategically assess the transactions you wish to make and execute these transactions successfully.


Our work has been recognized. Companies we’ve worked with have been featured as some of Canada’s fastest growing companies, top employers, best managed companies, and more.


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